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Take a look back in time and get an unique insight into the previously held Scandinavian Renault meetings. The main goal of this Renault-community is to inform about upcoming and current Renault events, but just as much to document the successful held meetings, each year back to the beginning of this french car event in 1991.

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Renault Suéde 2019 Romme Alpin, Sweden

Murikanranta - Club Renault de Finlande 2018 Murikanranta, Finland

Hanstholm Renault Danmark 2017 Hanstholm, Denmark

Club Renault Norvége 2016 Skjeberg, Norway

Renault Suéde 2015 Borlänge, Sweden

Club Renault de Finlande 2014 Tuorla, Finland

Club Renault Danmark 2013 Hampen, Denmark

Club Renault Norvége 2012 Lillehammer, Norway

Club Renault de Finlande 2010 Nummela, Finland

Renault Denmark 2009 Skive, Denmark

Club Renault Norvége 2008 Romerike, Norway

Renault Suéde 2007 Sunne, Sweden

Club Renault de Finlande 2006 Piikkiö, Finland

Renault Denmark 2005 Skive, Denmark

Club Renault Norvége 2004 Halden, Norway

Renault Suéde 2003 Mariefred, Sweden

Club Renault de Finlande 2002 Punkaharju, Finland

Renault Denmark 2001 Aalbæk, Denmark

Club Renault Norvége 2000 Oslo, Norway

Renault Suéde 1999 Mariefred, Sweden

Club Renault de Finlande 1998 Espoo, Finland

Renault Denmark 1997 Jelling, Denmark

Club Renault Norvége 1996 Lillehammer, Norway

Renault Suéde 1995 Skokloster, Sweden

Club Renault de Finlande 1994 Turku, Finland

Renault Denmark 1993 Viborg, Denmark

Club Renault Norvége 1992 Hönefoss, Norway

Club Renault de Finlande 1991 Åland, Finland

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